Boston Newborn Photography

Baby C

summerstreetphotography_179 summerstreetphotography_180 summerstreetphotography_181 summerstreetphotography_182 summerstreetphotography_183 summerstreetphotography_184 summerstreetphotography_185 summerstreetphotography_186 summerstreetphotography_187 summerstreetphotography_188 summerstreetphotography_189 summerstreetphotography_190 summerstreetphotography_191 summerstreetphotography_192 summerstreetphotography_193 summerstreetphotography_194 summerstreetphotography_195 summerstreetphotography_196 summerstreetphotography_197 summerstreetphotography_198 summerstreetphotography_199 summerstreetphotography_200 summerstreetphotography_201You might remember Kristen + Jay's nautical maternity shoot a month or so back up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. They told me in private that although they were waiting to find out the sex of the baby until the birth - that they both suspected their new baby would be a boy. Their suspicions were true and they welcomed little C into the world nearly a month before his due date! Babies born early are prone to health risks, but little C got along like a champ and has made himself quite comfortable in the hearts and home of Kristen and Jay. Chuck photographed this new family of three in their home in Roslindale and we are smitten with the results. We try to approach newborn photography from a lifestyle portrait session perspective (versus elaborate studio set ups) and focus on the family unit as well as the new addition. We feel like the parents are just as important during this change as the new family member, so there is much to be documented as a couple becomes parents. Kristen and Jay - we couldn't be happier for you during this delicate, joyful and trying time. Congratulations!

Baby F

If ever there was a baby who will grow up in the best of homes, sweet little baby F is the prime candidate. We had the pleasure of photographing Kaitlyn + Ryan's New Hampshire wedding a few summers back, and throughout our time working together we were smitten with their creativity, loving hearts and genuine spirits. When they asked us to capture their newest addition to the family, we were on board immediately. Chuck joined the new family of three for an afternoon of photos and we are fairly certain he's developed a more beautiful and sophisticated photo approach with newborns than us at this point. We're obsessed with this collection of images! Lovely seems to capture it perfectly, which is entirely fitting for this family. Kaitlyn and Ryan, we are thrilled for you during this exciting time. Congratulations!

Baby D

This family. Don't even get us started. Morgan and Peter were married back in 2012 and we had to honor of getting to know them through their engagement and photographing their meaningful wedding day. We've kept in touch with them both personally and professionally (have we ever mentioned how smart and talented our clients are? It's always an honor to be *their* clients too) and every encounter with them has always been met with such kindness and thoughtfulness. When they asked us to photograph the next big milestone in their lives we were honored to say the least. After such a long winter in Boston, baby D was born between snowstorms and welcomed home into the lives and hearts of his loving family. Chuck managed to dodge snowy driving conditions and sneak down to the cape to capture some of the first days at home with their newest family member. We are loving the photos he captured for them and are so excited for this sweet family of three. Congratulations, Morgan and Peter!

Baby F

You may remember Erin and Koji from their Wedding. Or perhaps their Maternity Session a few weeks back. By now, these two are old friends on Summer Street so it was a complete honor to capture their newest addition to their lives through photos. Chuck captured this sweet session and we are officially obsessed with the results. You can feel the love, can't you? The photo of the new family sitting in the nursery literally gives me chills. It's one of those images that wraps up the experience of having a new baby in your life. The world rushes around you, but in the middle of it all there is this tiny, helpless creature that teaches us how to give sacrificial love. The look on Erin and Koji's face in that image is just *everything*. Is it dusty around here? Erin and Koji, we are thrilled to see you as parents. That baby girl is one lucky human. Congratulations!!

The F Family


When Laura contacted us just a few days after giving birth to capture her newborn's photos, we were impressed. I don't know about you, but most mothers of brand new babies that I know rarely have time to take a shower, let alone invite two perfect strangers into their home to photograph their 12 month old and their 12-day old. Yes you read that right, a 12 month old and a newborn. Irish Twins, as they say. When we arrived to photograph her sweet boys, the house was calm and bright. Perfectly bright in fact. Little baby C was an absolute dream to photograph as he quietly laid on the bed with no fuss. We later got to meet his one year older than him brother, little H, who was a ball of energy in the best way possible. We've enjoyed every moment of getting to know this lovely family, and can't wait to photograph them as their little ones grow.