Ashley + Jamie = Engaged

There is so much to love about Ashley and Jamie. For starters, we had to do almost no "posing assistance" with them. From the beginning of their session they were calm, collected and confident in front of the camera - making our job a cinch. Most people take some time getting into their element, especially since the nature of this work is quite intimate. Not Ashley and Jamie - they were excited and open about being themselves right from the start. Their natural ease with one another was just the beginning. Ashley is gentle and warm with a spunk for life and Jamie's centered and sweet personality compliments her perfectly. They also don't take things too seriously either - it was fun to watch them interact and be a little goofy with one another. Oh, and there's the fact that we're pretty much in love with the photos from their session. They have a 'summertime and the living is easy' vibe going on - which was all due to the elements that make a photo session a success: an un-fussy backdrop, nice light and two people who are crazy about each other. We couldn't be more thrilled to be shooting their wedding in Vermont this September - it's going to be a GOOD one!