Erin + Koji = Married

In many ways, sharing Erin and Koji's wedding with you on Independence Day is fitting. While they didn't have fireworks or a red white and blue themed wedding - they exemplify the very essence of giving freedom. You see, Erin and Koji have a heart for international medical work. They use their medical education and talents to bring healing to people all around the world who are sick and afflicted. In fact, it was their work that brought them together. We could think of no more deserving couple to have found one another and share a lifetime of happiness together. One of our favorite moments from their wedding (aside from their perma-smiles during their ceremony) was Erin's little surprise for Koji during their reception. Koji has been a long time fan of the super talented musician Peter Mulvey. It was a no-brainer that Erin and Koji would share their first dance to one of his songs - but Erin wasn't going to settle for a recording. As a surprise for Koji, Erin hired Peter Mulvey himself to be dinnertime musical entertainment, as well as play their first dance song *live* during their reception. You may want to scroll back up and see the adorable reaction Koji had. That kind of happiness and delight was infused throughout the entire day which left us feeling so happy that we get to share in such a special a part of our client's lives. Erin and Koji - we couldn't be happier for you. Thank you for making our job so rewarding - you guys are the best!