Lora + Will = Engaged

Lora and Will are champs. When we met them at the beginning of their engagement session, it was raining. No wait, it was POURING. We told them that we could wait a few minutes to see if it might clear up and if it didn't we could always reschedule the shoot, so we waited. When it was showing no signs of letting up, we thought we may as well have a little fun and do some shooting in the rain, in addition to the shoot we'd reschedule. Fearlessly they agreed, and we started shooting photos in the rain. Will rolled up his pants and Lora embraced the 'wet hair look' and they danced in the rain. Literally. And wouldn't you know, that all of the sudden the rain started to lift and the most beautiful sunshine came out behind the clouds. Since they remained looking marvelous even after getting drenched, we embraced the opportunity to continue shooting in the sunshine. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these two, and wish them nothing but the best as they prepare for their wedding this fall out west!