Bermuda - Off the Clock

If you follow our facebook page, you might have noticed some sneak peeks from Carolyn and Sean's amazing wedding in Bermuda. Bermuda! We were so excited to not only photograph our first Island Wedding, but also take a little mini vacation in a place we'd never visited before. While we are working on Carolyn and Sean's photos from their wedding, we thought that in the meanwhile we'd share a few photos from our time on the island when we weren't working. We stayed in St. George, which is the oldest city on the Island, so we were happy to see the sights and go snorkeling in Tobacco Bay, where there are parrot fish! Some of our highlights included visiting one of the oldest churches on the western hemisphere (as pictured), renting a scooter (the scooter man didn't trust that Matt knew how to drive and made him go around and around the parking lot before letting us leave) going snorkeling (obv.) and breathing in as much humidity as humanly possible. We enjoyed every part of this trip, and can't wait to share more of Carolyn and Sean's Wedding Photos!