Twin Cities Family Photography

The S Family

summerstreetphotography_533 summerstreetphotography_534 summerstreetphotography_535 summerstreetphotography_536 summerstreetphotography_537 summerstreetphotography_538 summerstreetphotography_539 summerstreetphotography_540 summerstreetphotography_541 summerstreetphotography_542 summerstreetphotography_543 summerstreetphotography_544 summerstreetphotography_545 summerstreetphotography_546 summerstreetphotography_547 summerstreetphotography_548 summerstreetphotography_549 summerstreetphotography_550 summerstreetphotography_551 summerstreetphotography_552 summerstreetphotography_553 summerstreetphotography_554 summerstreetphotography_555 summerstreetphotography_556 summerstreetphotography_557 summerstreetphotography_558 summerstreetphotography_559 summerstreetphotography_560 summerstreetphotography_561 summerstreetphotography_562We're excited to share this sweet session with you today. It's always an honor to take photos for friends. It's also an honor to take photos for fellow professional photographers. So when Kirsten and Sean reached out to us to photograph their darling family of three in their home on the East Side of Saint Paul, it made our hearts very happy (since they are both dear friends AND Kirsten is a photographer). I love watching these two parent their curious and adventurous son. They are so great at letting him explore his world and also giving him a solid and nurturing environment to thrive. Little O is clearly used to having a camera in his face, so it was a lot of fun photographing him as he showed me around his yard and then his favorite toys and books. We're so grateful to capture these sessions for families. It's especially cool to take photos with the resident family photographer *in* the photos and not just behind the lens. We adore you Kirsten, Sean and little O!

Baby P - Half Birthday

Is there anything sweeter than a six month old baby? If this thought had never crossed your mind until today, I'm convinced you are now persuaded after seeing baby P in her half-year old glory. I MEAN COME ON! She is just *waiting* for her debut as a Baby Gap model, isn't she? It's so rewarding working with families throughout the first year of their child's life. We started this journey last summer with Ashely and Adam's Expecting Session, then we met darling baby P in August, and now we are 6 months later. You'll see this family again when their sweet pea turns one, and then we'll create an heirloom album with all four of these photo sessions in them. I can't wait to hold that album in my hands and hand it over to these proud parents. If one thing is certain, time is the enemy of change, and babies are the number one proof of this. Kids grow and change so quickly - the first year especially - so this is such a treasure to share. We'll see these three on the blog in a short few months!