New England Beachside Engagement Session

Erin + Andrew = Engaged

We knew when we arrived to photograph Erin and Andrew and were greeted by a grinning Erin with a slew of colorful balloons that this was going to be an awesome shoot. We spent a casual weekend morning photographing the two of them on the beach Andrew grew up on, and had a blast chatting about their wedding plans this coming August,  hearing about their long distance relationship (he in NJ and she in RI) as they pursue their professional training and finally enjoying a delicious brunch at an adorable local townie diner (that part was fortunately or unfortunately not photographed...). As Matt and I drove home from the shoot we were yet again left with the question that constantly boggles our mind; "How did we get so lucky?" We feel so blessed to have to opportunity to tell the love stories of such incredible people like Erin and Andrew. We simply can not *wait* for their wedding this's going to be an amazing day!