Hingham MA Wedding Photography

Liz + Jimmy = Married

Liz and Jimmy are high school sweethearts. At their reception, they had two large picture frames, one featuring a photo from their engagement session with us (awwww…) and the other, sweetly displaying a photo from when they were sixteen years old. Both sitting in the back of a pickup truck, shyly looking at the camera, unaware that moment would be displayed years later on one of the biggest days of their lives together. It was clear that they not only had a rich history together, but that their families and friends had watched them grow and develop together toward their wedding day. What a happy day they had. After getting ready at her mom’s house in Milton with her best friends and bridesmaids, Liz and her girls took a trolley to St. Agatha Church for the ceremony. Jimmy, nervous yet calm as a cucumber, welcomed his bride with a smile and a tear in his eye as she was escorted down the aisle by her grandfather. In Catholic Wedding ceremonies, often the couple will say their vows and exchange rings and kiss before the Priest has finished the ceremony. Immediately after Liz and Jimmy kissed, the biggest, most energetic applause roared from the audience. And it didn’t stop! People clapped for probably a minute straight. It was pure happiness. Once the crowd quieted down, the Priest exclaimed, “That was the best applause I have ever heard! And in church no less!” It was true. We were grinning from ear to ear. So were Liz and Jimmy. We also have to give a shout out to our dear friend, George from George Rivera Photography who joined Summer Street for the day to help capture their wedding. He is an amazing photographer and a super laid back person to work with. We loved seeing his artistic eye spruce up our style. The second photo of Jimmy was taken by George, and I think it’s my favorite Groom shot to date!