Canyon Lake Chophouse Wedding

Ellie + Mike = Married

You guys. THIS wedding. Let's start at the beginning. Ellie is the big sister I never had. Her younger sister and I have been best of friends since high school, hence much of our high school years were advised and entertained by Ellie. She is an extremely talented actress, singer and dancer (a triple threat, if you will) with an exuberant personality that draws people in. Anyone who knows her would say that she is joyously infectious. Having known Ellie all my life (my older step-brothers were even next door neighbors with her and her family) it was with a big bear hug that I greeted her boyfriend Mike when meeting him for the first time. If he was good enough for Ellie - well then, he was going to be a part of the family whether he liked it or not. Mike is everything I would have hoped for Ellie and more. As their relationship grew and they decided to get married, we were able to spend more time with Mike to get to know him. They are like yin and yang - so different but they balance each other out so perfectly. He is a super smart food scientist with a laid back personality and a permanent smile mounted on his face. We just love him. As their wedding day approached and we made our way across the country to shoot their wedding in the Black Hills of South Dakota - we were bursting with anticipation knowing what a labor of love their wedding was. They say that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and let me tell you, the set up involved with their entirely DIY wedding decor and the talent that was involved in the actual day itself blew us out of the water. The entire day was OOZING with talent and love. One of our favorite moments was when Ellie and Mike surprised their guests by singing Ingrid Michaelson's 'You and I" during their ceremony complete with a ukelele and a wedding party chorus. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about how happy it was. Ellie and Mike: we are so so happy for you and we couldn't have been more honored to be your wedding photographers. Thank you for trusting your photo vision to us, much love and Congratulations!