Boston Waterfront Engagement Photos

Shannon + Mike = Married

Oh how we adore these two. Shannon and Mike were wed on the most perfect June day that was filled with joy, happiness and and outpouring of love from their friends and family who joined together to witness their long awaited union. Believe it or not, they met while studying abroad in Italy, but grew up just miles from one another (on a different note, they are currently honeymooning *in* Italy and we couldn't be more jealous...). It became quickly obvious to one another that they were meant to be, and they continued their relationship state side which eventually led us to the glorious day you see above. Humble, hard working and as genuinely kind as two people can be - Shannon and Mike deserve one another. It's been such a joy working with them and we couldn't be more happy for their future together. Congratulations you two! We wish you many years of wedded bliss.