Boston Family Photography

Mini Family Session Remix

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Baby June

Okay. So if you made it all the way to the end of this series of photos and you have not stopped to say, 'awwwww' you should probably just get off the internet - because there is *no way* you're going to find anything sweeter than Meredith, Andres, baby June and their pup Eleanor. The belly button? The little tiny fingers? The giant puppy dog eyes? I just can't. Little June was clearly ready for her spotlight in front of the camera as the evidence above shows. She was an absolute peach during her session - no whining, fussing or crying (even after pulling an all nighter!)....just the sweetest little cheeks and fingers this side of the Charles. Welcome to the world, little June!


Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves. How did we get so lucky that we get to photograph such happy things all the time? Betsy's photo session was full of LIFE and JOY. I mean, how can spending an hour in the park with a bubbly eight year old, two dogs, a slew of toys and a giant grassy hill just begging to roll down ever be a bad time? Quite simply, it can't. Betsy's parents thought it was due time that she have a fun portrait session all to her self, and why not? Soon enough she'll be grabbing the car keys and heading off to college. We love capturing little everyday moments in families lives and our time with Betsy was no exception.