Hannah & Dan | Married in Finlayson, MN

We love us a good backyard wedding, and Hannah and Dan know how to do it right! After getting engaged they toyed with the idea of getting married on Dan's parents farm up in Finlayson, Minnesota but the monstrous task of preparing a space for a large wedding seemed daunting. They kept trying to make other ideas work, but eventually the farm called them back. With a labor of love from all of their family and friends, they made a venue of their dreams for their joyful wedding in August. So many personal touches went into the preparation of their wedding. They planted a sunflower patch for wedding flowers, they planted wildflowers for photos, the farmer who's land is adjacent to the property waited to mow his field of clover so they could take photos with the purple wildflowers (I promise not all of the personal touches have to do with flowers!). Dan refurbished a Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream machine so they could have soft serve sundaes for their guests. They spent the entire summer building their wooden dance floor, and so many other seen and unseen elements went into this day. When the day came it all paid off. Their friends and family poured in from all over to lavish their love and support for Hannah and Dan. These two have a really beautiful connection that feels like home. We really enjoyed working with you guys, Hannah and Dan. Your people are wonderful and we left with a big smile on our faces. We're over the moon for you and know the world is a better place because you're together! Congratulations!