Allison & Ryan | Married at Edgewood Valley Country Club in La Grange, Illinois

What a fantastic wedding this was! Allison and Ryan were such a joy to work with. They are grounded, kind, fun loving and full of life - and so are all of their family and friends. They got married at Allison's childhood church and had a classically elegant reception at Edgewood Valley Country Club in La Grange, IL - just outside of Chicago. One of my favorite moments from their wedding was when I checked in with Allison once the reception was under way and asked her how she was doing and she had the biggest grin on her face and said "I'm just having such a fantastic time. This is everything I dreamed of and more." Heart melt. It was so moving to see the love poured out on these two all day. We photographed Ryan's brother's wedding a couple of years ago so we joked with his family that this year we need an invitation to their Thanksgiving because we have decided they will adopt us (you guys don't have a choice!). Congratulations Allison and Ryan - you guys are the bees knees and we're so happy for you!