Jenn + Keith = Married

I've never met two people more perfectly suited for one another than Jenn and Keith. I know I say that about almost every one of our couples, but there is something about their chemistry that makes them even better together than when they are apart. They were married at the Endicott Estate in Dedham, Mass on a crisp and sunny day in October. When we arrived Jenn was getting pretty with her ladies in the bridal suite and Keith was running final errands before suiting up. Jenn is a girl after my own heart and loves checklists and being as prepared as possible - so I imagined that she might be a little nervous before the ceremony - but when I arrived she was cool as a cucumber and felt grounded and ready. Keith and his guys eventually decided they better get ready so Matt hung with them as they got their game face on and Keith's owl tie perfectly tied. They opted for a first look so they could do the bulk of their photos before the ceremony (which from our end of things makes the day run more smoothly than fitting in as much as possible between the ceremony and cocktail hour) so Matt prepped Keith to see his bride for the first time. I don't think I'll ever forget the sound of Keith turning around to see Jenn. An explosion of joy and laughter came rolling out of him for a good five minutes. Pure bliss. They were so sweet together as we walked the grounds of the estate snapping photos of the two of them before they said 'I do'. After their lovely, bird chirping ceremony we stole them away for just a few moments to let them catch their breath after the emotional roller coaster that a wedding ceremony can be to grab some more photos of them on their emotional high. I love the series in the willow trees. The evening continued inside the Estate for dances, toasts and dinner as a mighty rain storm poured down. This made the Estate even more appealing as guests were spread between the dark and cozy rooms for dinner. The wedding concluded with a fun dance party (complete with plenty of 90s music.....yesss) and a newly coined husband and wife on cloud nine. Happiness.