Holli + Eric = Married

Many of our clients know that Matt and I are not native to New England. Maybe it's because we didn't grow up here and we're more sensitive towards the regional nuances, but we've always been smitten with New England culture, accents, and big loving Italian families. Sharing in someones wedding day from the photographer's perspective is like being in their community for a day. It's a really interesting and fun experience that gives you a look into their families and friends. With these things in mind, you can imagine that Matt and I had a blast shooting Holli and Eric's wedding day. People greeted one another with bear hugs and a hearty kiss on the cheek, and laughter was never absent. Holli and Eric's love for one another was the perfect accompaniment to their joy filled day. Holli was beaming with excitement all day and Eric's face lit up like the sun whenever he laid eyes on his beautiful bride. We wish you two many years of happiness, Congratulations!