Sarabina + Andrew = Married

There are so many wonderful things we could say about Sarabina and Andrew's wedding. We could talk about how Andrew was a big excited goofball in anticipation to see his bride for the first time. We could talk about how Sara was calm and collected while every one of her girlfriends cried as she was getting ready. We could talk about how their first kiss (ever) was after they said, "you may now kiss your bride". We could talk about the random stranger who brought them a bottle of champagne while they were doing their portraits. We could talk about how they had a 200+ family formal shot or their photobooth or how Sarabina surprised Andrew by singing him a song at their reception. But we won't go into details on all of those things. Instead, we will tell you how these two are getting married for all the right reasons. They are made for each other and their love is radiant. We have felt incredibly blessed to have gotten the privilege of working with them, and know that their life together will be incredible.