Awesome Clients Part Two

Last week we made a little post about why we love our job. Quite simply, it's our clients that make our work so awesome. Truly, each and every couple we've had the privilege of getting to know have been absolute gems. In the last month, we've had this awesome streak of eating excellent food with out clients. For those of you we have yet to work with, we may or may not love you all the more if there is food involved.  


At Abena and Edwin's Wedding, we had the best vegetarian appetizer we've ever had at a wedding AND some seriously good wedding cake





At Kristin and Brian's Maine Engagement Session, they treated us to Lobster Rolls afterward. YES!




At Marisa and Andy's Engagement Session, they made us a gourmet LUNCH!

And at Sara and Andrew's Nantasket Beach Engagement Session we ended the evening with Slushies!! My favorite flavor was green. Matt's was purple.

See? Awesome Clients.

We can't wait to share more of their sessions with you!