A Friday Gift

Besides the awesomeness that is Friday, we thought we'd make it even more awesome with a little gift. A desktop wallpaper kind of gift! The first photo has a watermark on it since it's not really designed to be a wallpaper, and I thought you might just like to see it. (Because who doesn't' like hydrangeas?) But the second one will work as a desktop wallpaper. Simply double click on the second image and it will open in a new tab. Go to the new tab and left click to save or set as your wallpaper, or drag it to your desktop and do it there.

We kept the focus soft (ISO 640, 50mm, f1.6 at 1/30) as to not distract from your folders and icons. We've got a very busy weekend and week ahead and next week we'll be showing you another engagement session and wedding!

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Friday!