Paris Couple Photography

Hermionie + Mathieu in Paris

We're rushing around the office a bit today as we prep to go shoot a wedding this afternoon (whohoo!) but we couldn't resist sharing a few more photos from our trip to Paris. This session is near and dear to our hearts since it took place in our most favorite little neighborhood of Paris; Montmartre! One of my best friends lived in Paris for a year when I was in college, and after visiting her and getting to know the ins and outs of Montmartre, I've made it a priority to always stay there when I visit Paris. It's becoming a contagious habit! There is an old world charm in Montmartre, and every little nook and cranny feels like a storybook. We can't get enough of it, so when deciding on a location for local photographer Hermionie and her beau Matthew's photo session - Montmartre was our first choice. Hermionie is a photographer in Paris and does photo tours for visitors, teaching them how to use their cameras to capture environment shots around Paris, and also takes portraits of couples and families while they are visiting Paris - how cool is that?! We had a blast chatting about the photography scene in Paris and taking photos of her with her boyfriend, Matthew.  If you could have a photoshoot with your love in any place in the world, where would it be?