Maggie and Seth on Style Me Pretty

Featured on Style Me Pretty Massachusetts

Once upon a time, before Summer Street Photography was even a twinkle in our eyes, I was a hopeful bride to be. Let me go further. I was NOT engaged and started reading a new wedding blog called Style Me Pretty. It has just started and the editor, Abby, was the only author. It was quaint and beautiful, and suddenly I realized that weddings could be so much more than the banquet hall I worked at in high school where every weekend looked like the same wedding. Honestly, I went through a period of time after working that job that I hated weddings (not marriages, mind you) because they all seemed like a meaningless tradition that people did, "just because". I was convinced that my wedding would be very different if and when it ever happened. It was as though the stars aligned when I started reading Style Me Pretty - and I was hooked. Every day I'd visit the site and drool over all of the various types of weddings. Home grown, big and beautiful, beachy, vineyard....all types. Around the time I did end up getting engaged I had found a few more wedding blogs to add to my daily reading list and suddenly I was a blog reader. As the engagement went on, so did the list of wedding blogs. Dozens and dozens of wedding  blogs. Style Me Pretty remained my favorite since all of the weddings they featured withheld a strict standard of taste and style. The blog grew, and grew, and grew until now, where it is a huge wedding phenomena with a sizable full time staff and most all brides we work with know what it is and turn to it for wedding inspiration. Recently, they started an even more exciting adventure into having local blogs. They still have their main site, but they also have location specific blogs for areas like Massachusetts , California, Illinois, and even Australia - to name a few. You can imagine our excitement when we were featured on Style Me Pretty Massachusetts yesterday for Maggie and Seth's DIY Wedding in Maynard. Beyond words excited.



Oh, and can we just take a moment to say HOLY COMMENTS BATMAN? You guys blew us out of the water with your comment love! Thank you for showing your support! We are truly overwhelmed.


And for fun, here is the screen shot of the Style Me Pretty Network with Maggie and Seth's photo hanging out under Massachusetts:


And lastly, our mention on the Style Me Pretty's facebook page. Which we were flattered to see since not all of the local blogs get mentions!



We're not big into tooting out own horn, but we wanted to share our excitement with all of you and THANK you for making Summer Street tick. We couldn't do it without you!