Harvard Engagement Session

Becca + Dan = Engaged

Before our attention gets diverted toward the holiday season we wanted to share one last autumn Engagement session with you guys today. Becca and Dan will be tying the knot next fall in the lovely state of Vermont and we couldn't be more excited to tell their love story. The clean crisp autumn foliage and the sunset light looks really good on these two, wouldn't you say? We love their laid-back attitude and the way they fit perfectly in one anothers arms. They are absolutely adorable together and we can't wait to be a part of their big day!

Suzanne + Jerad = Engaged

Suzanne and Jerad are lovable people. Outgoing, laid back and full of love for life and each other (and The Bears, but we'll forgive them :). They will be celebrating their wedding in Costa Rica next year, so they wanted to have some photos of their life in Cambridge during their Engagement. We met up with them in both our neighborhoods to wander Harvard Square in the various nooks and crannies of Cambridge. Part of the reason we love our job so much is that we get to spend our time conversing with so many wonderful people from all walks of life. Suzanne and Jerad are perfect examples of this. Matt and I both agreed that we want to hang out with them again without cameras in our hands. Suzanne and Jerad, we loved spending time with you and are so happy for you both. Congratulations on your Engagement and best of luck with wedding planning!

Jenn + Keith = Engaged

Jenn and Keith had us at hello. Literally from their very first inquiry they were overflowing with love, joy and excitement for their wedding. Clearly this the cherry on top of a pretty pie for us. Without a doubt, working with great people who we get to call friends is one of the best perks of our job as photographers. After they "said yes to the photographer" so to speak, we knew it was going to be a blast working with them. Jenn and I e-mail back and forth a lot, and she always leaves me smiling, even on the computer! We of course remembered how sweet and loving Keith was from our initial meeting, but it was during their Engagement Session that we learned just how good they are together. They choose two locations that were dear to them; The Longfellow House in Cambridge and the Rosebud Diner in Somerville. Jenn, in her super organized manner, had coordinating outfits for each location and had been reading our blog close enough to remember how much I love French Macarons and gifted me some at the beginning of their session (Wheee!!). After a few minutes of shooting Jenn revealed that they were "just a little bit nervous" for their session. This is where Keith really shined. Every time she whispered to him that she was nervous, he wrapped her up in his arms and made her laugh. Laugh! When one is nervous laughter doesn't come naturally. Soon they were swept up into their own rhythm and our job was a breeze. We truly think these photos represent what Jenn and Keith are all about : love, joy and excitement!