Deer Isle Maine Wedding Photographer

Amanda + Loftin = Married

Ahhh Maine. For those of you who have visited or live there you know that Maine is a special place. Something about the stunning rocky shore lines, thriving community of artists and local fishermen and did we mention the lobster? Matt and I have been long time fans of all things Maine, so it's always a treat to get to work there. Amanda and Loftin share our sentiment because despite having family all across the eastern seaboard, they decided to get married at a family residence on Deer Isle and make their wedding a destination for all their guests. And what a wedding they had! If the photos aren't evidence enough of how special these two are, you can go ahead and take our word for it. Their heart felt and personalized wedding day was a joy to share in. Thank you for allowing us to capture your wedding, Amanda and Loftin. We wish you years of happiness!