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Favorite Photos from 2012 - Lifestyle

Gathering photos for our end of the year recap is not an easy task. It involves searching through each and every shoot, wedding and personal folder to gather some of our favorite images. When I first started, I had gathered over 700 images. Narrowing down from there was not an easy task, so rather than relentlessly selecting *just the right photos* I decided to adopt the mantra "done is better than perfect." So, you'll be getting not one, not two but THREE separate blog posts today categorized into three types: Lifestyle (see above), Engagement and Wedding. We'll post all three today - so get ready for a lot of photos! It's been an incredible year filled with photography, so we hope you enjoy a small recap of the hundreds of thousands of times we clicked our shutter this year. The above photos include many personal projects (from Paris to Guatemala to the Badlands of South Dakota) and also a few snippets from the senior, family, baby and head shot clients we get the honor of photographing each year. The majority of these photos were taken on film, which is our preferred method of taking personal photos since it forces you to slow down and think carefully before you take the photo - something you don't always get the luxury of on a wedding day. We hope these photos make you as happy as they make us!

Antigua, Guatemala

We thought we'd unveil our trip to Guatemala for Kelsey and Danny's Wedding over a few days on the blog, so today we're starting off with some personal travel photos from our fast and furious trip to Antigua, Guatemala. We arrived on Friday and had a portrait session with Kelsey and Danny, shot the Wedding on Saturday and flew back on Sunday so we had limited time to explore the city on our own (we couldn't really afford the time off during peak wedding season because it would slow the workflow down too much) but we had a fantastic trip with the time we did have as personal down time. Some highlights included wandering the streets to see the Spanish colonial ruins, (which were caused by a series of earthquakes in the 1700s) visiting the food market (aka - a maze) that boasted delicious looking fruits, vegetables, live chickens and other delicious things US customs would have never allowed us to bring home as souvenirs, and the fresh avocados (I may have ordered the same thing twice in three days because the avocados were so good). I couldn't help myself when I saw the barber shop donning the same name as our handsome Guatemalan groom. We left feeling excited to return someday to explore more and grateful for the opportunity to share in such an amazing country, culture and wedding. Tomorrow we'll be sharing Kelsey and Danny's Engagement Photos - stay tuned!