Allyssa & Steven | Married at Trellis Gardens in Stillwater, Minnesota

Allyssa and Steve were married at Trellis Gardens in Stillwater, MN on a rainy day in May. It was the kind of day that water seemed to pour sideways, and the kind of weather that probably every couple who has ever thrown a wedding has dreaded for their wedding day. That sounds pretty dismal, but hear me out. Certainly Allyssa and Steve didn't choose the weather, but they turned lemons into lemonade. The backdrop of lush gardens at Trellis turned out to be a GORGEOUS setting for their lovely wedding. In fact, the entire day we kept having flashbacks of times we've spent touring the English Countryside. Cool air, drizzy skies, colorful umbrellas and a coziness factor of 100. It made the candle lit dinner warm and intimate, it made for a packed dance floor and Allyssa and Steve were radiating the kind of joy that nothing can touch. We were so happy to get to know these two and document their beautiful wedding. Allyssa and Steve, thank you for being so willing to dance in the rain (literally!) to get some beautiful outdoor portraits. We know you guys will weather whatever storms may come your way. You deserve each other!