Ingrid + Keith = Married

It seems that every couple's worst fear regarding their wedding day revolves around the possibility of rain. It makes so much sense, because you plan and envision exactly what you want for the celebration, and if all of your plans have to change at the last minute it's disappointing not to have one of your favorite elements (the outdoors!) incorporate into your special day. So when rain was in the forecast for Ingrid + Keith's Wedding on Stout's Island in Birchwood, Wisconsin (an incredible resort on an island with a historic camp vibe) we all began to worry a bit. When all things came to fruition, it did end up raining on and off on their wedding, but as old wisdom commands: you can't untie a wet knot. There were still dryer portions of the day where they were able to go outside, and the indoor elements with rain softly falling on the mossy wooden shingles and dewy flowers glistening outside made for quite a cozy evening party. It was perfect, really, and made their day more special. Some of the highlights from the day included a newlywed lake cruise on a vintage boat right after the ceremony, a surprise serenade that Ingrid prepared for Keith during their reception and a Japanese Lantern send - off into the drizzly night sky. It was a fantastic day, and one we were honored to attend and document. Congratulations to Ingrid and Keith!