The S Family

summerstreetphotography_333 summerstreetphotography_334 summerstreetphotography_335 summerstreetphotography_336 summerstreetphotography_337 summerstreetphotography_338 summerstreetphotography_339 summerstreetphotography_340 summerstreetphotography_341 summerstreetphotography_342 summerstreetphotography_343 summerstreetphotography_344 summerstreetphotography_345 summerstreetphotography_346 summerstreetphotography_347 summerstreetphotography_348 summerstreetphotography_349 summerstreetphotography_350 summerstreetphotography_351We've got the sweetest family session to share with you today. The S family came into the studio to celebrate the arrival of their newest member with some updated family shots. If there is one thing I learned, it's that these two kiddos are lucky to have their loving, thoughtful and kind parents to lead their way through the years. What a gift. It fills our hearts to document these memories for families like the S Family, and we are honored to photograph this new chapter in their lives.