A - First Birthday

summerstreetphotography_082 summerstreetphotography_083 summerstreetphotography_084 summerstreetphotography_085 summerstreetphotography_086 summerstreetphotography_087 summerstreetphotography_088 summerstreetphotography_089 summerstreetphotography_090Few things are sweeter than a one year old baby. Eyes glittering with life, love brimming over and a spirit full of adventure, there is a reason parents of babies transitioning to toddlers are happily exhausted. Sweet A's family asked me to photograph their newly minted one year old in our studio and we couldn't resist. A few simple and colorful streamers made a happy accent to Miss A's bubbly personality. Shooting in our new studio was also a treat for me since we've spent several years renting space from others but photographing this sweet peach was the best part of it all. Happy Birthday little A, you are a lucky kid to have such an amazing family!