Baby F

summerstreetphotography_293 summerstreetphotography_294 summerstreetphotography_295 summerstreetphotography_296 summerstreetphotography_297 summerstreetphotography_298 summerstreetphotography_299 summerstreetphotography_300 summerstreetphotography_301 summerstreetphotography_302 summerstreetphotography_303 summerstreetphotography_304 summerstreetphotography_305 summerstreetphotography_306 summerstreetphotography_307 summerstreetphotography_308 summerstreetphotography_309 summerstreetphotography_310 summerstreetphotography_311 summerstreetphotography_312 summerstreetphotography_313 summerstreetphotography_314You may remember Dani and Carl's Maternity Session on the blog a few weeks back. They have made it to the other side with little baby boy F and we couldn't be happier for them. I visited them on a cold December afternoon a few weeks back when little F was just two weeks old to document the first few days of their new lives together. He was a photo champ the entire time I visited and when he wasn't happily taking in his new world he was soundly sleeping like a bug in a rug. His Grandma got him a cozy 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' outfit which we had to take some photos in. Dani and Carl weren't sure about the little outfit but once it was on him we all swooned at the sweet little bug he was! Little F; you are a very lucky boy to have such loving and strong parents. We will be documenting his 6 and 12 month photos, so keep your eyes peeled for more baby goodness in the months to come! Congratulations Dani and Carl! You did good.