Baby M

summerstreetphotography_274 summerstreetphotography_275 summerstreetphotography_276 summerstreetphotography_277 summerstreetphotography_278 summerstreetphotography_279 summerstreetphotography_280 summerstreetphotography_281 summerstreetphotography_282 summerstreetphotography_283 summerstreetphotography_284 summerstreetphotography_285 summerstreetphotography_286 summerstreetphotography_287 summerstreetphotography_288 summerstreetphotography_289 summerstreetphotography_290 summerstreetphotography_291 summerstreetphotography_292 We love this little family and their newest member. Stephanie and Peter are dear friends of ours (we may have had something to do with their courtship beginnings....;) ) so when they shared with us that they would be welcoming a baby into their lives we were over the moon for them. A few weeks before her anticipated arrival little M decided she could wait no longer to meet her family. They welcomed her with open arms and loving hearts and she's already made things better in her first weeks on earth. I had the privilege of chatting with little M's great-great grandmother  (baby M made for great great grandchild number 13!) and she remarked that at just shy of 5lbs M was the smallest of her roost yet, but no doubt the mightiest! Sounds about right. This sweet girl has such a loving life ahead. We're so happy for you, Steph and Pete - and think you're already amazing parents. Congratulations!!