Dani + Carl = Expecting

summerstreetphotography_603 summerstreetphotography_604 summerstreetphotography_605 summerstreetphotography_606 summerstreetphotography_607 summerstreetphotography_608 summerstreetphotography_609 summerstreetphotography_610 summerstreetphotography_611 summerstreetphotography_612 summerstreetphotography_613 summerstreetphotography_614 summerstreetphotography_615Dani and Carl are expecting a baby boy in just a few days from now, so it was due time that we blogged their session. Many people opt out of maternity photos because they don't feel camera-ready. We think this is a decision you'll regret years down the road when pregnancy is a distant memory and looking back on the big belly seems impossible that your body could hold so much love. I had a nice time meeting these soon-to-be parents and even from the brief time we spent together I can tell this little boy is going to be one lucky kid. I'm excited to meet him and see Dani and Carl in a few short weeks when he's joined us on the other side for some newborn photos. We're all rooting for you, Dani!