Alivia - Class of 2016

summerstreetphotography_563 summerstreetphotography_564 summerstreetphotography_565 summerstreetphotography_566 summerstreetphotography_567 summerstreetphotography_568 summerstreetphotography_569 summerstreetphotography_570 summerstreetphotography_571 summerstreetphotography_572 summerstreetphotography_573 summerstreetphotography_574 summerstreetphotography_575 summerstreetphotography_576 summerstreetphotography_577 summerstreetphotography_578 summerstreetphotography_579 summerstreetphotography_580 summerstreetphotography_581summerstreetphotography_600 summerstreetphotography_582 summerstreetphotography_583 summerstreetphotography_584 summerstreetphotography_585 summerstreetphotography_586 summerstreetphotography_587 summerstreetphotography_588 summerstreetphotography_589 summerstreetphotography_590 summerstreetphotography_591 summerstreetphotography_592 summerstreetphotography_593 summerstreetphotography_594 summerstreetphotography_595 summerstreetphotography_596 summerstreetphotography_597 summerstreetphotography_598 summerstreetphotography_599Even after hundreds of shoots, there are times that I have to pinch myself that I get to do what I love for work. We all feel that way, here on Summer Street, but you know when you leave a shoot smiling from ear to ear and get a "photo high" from the work you've created with such fun and creative subjects, that you're doing something right. Alivia shines from the inside out and capturing her personality and vibrancy was such a treat. I have the special honor of calling her family, so when she and her family told us they were going to head up to Minnesota from Nebraska to have us capture her senior portraits it was doubly exciting. She's about ten years younger than me, so she was always sweet-little-Libby to our (large) extended family. It's so amazing to see what an incredible person and athlete she's grown into not to mention exceptionally beautiful. Libby, thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful spirit! You're a joy to all who know you.