Kristen + Jay = Expecting

summerstreetphotography_442 summerstreetphotography_443 summerstreetphotography_444 summerstreetphotography_445 summerstreetphotography_446 summerstreetphotography_447 summerstreetphotography_448 summerstreetphotography_449 summerstreetphotography_450 summerstreetphotography_451 summerstreetphotography_452 summerstreetphotography_453 summerstreetphotography_454 summerstreetphotography_455 summerstreetphotography_456 summerstreetphotography_457We are paid the highest compliment when we get to photograph a family more than once. It starts at the beginning when couples get engaged and want us to capture that part of their lives. Then the wedding comes and we get to toast to the newlyweds and swoon over new married love as the new couple dashes off to their cloud nine. Some time later, we'll get a call that they are expecting and want us to document their new addition to the family. This is such a joy for us. Since the bulk of our work lies in weddings, we hear A LOT of promises and toasts to the happiness (and inevitable struggles) that lie ahead. When we actually get a front row seat to document these next milestones? Beyond. I spent some time with Kristen and Jay and their little babe in the belly (nicknamed Poppyseed since they were keeping the sex of the baby a surprise for birth) about a month ago on Plum Island off of Newburyport, Massachusetts. It was so great to catch up with these two and hear about their excitement for what's to come. It was a good thing we did the shoot when we did, because little poppyseed decided to make HIS appearance about a month early! So now Kristen, Jay and their little sweet baby boy are getting used to life as a family of three. Chuck will photograph the three of them this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for more from this sweet family soon!