The B*D Family

summerstreetphotography_698 summerstreetphotography_699 summerstreetphotography_700 summerstreetphotography_701 summerstreetphotography_702 summerstreetphotography_703 summerstreetphotography_704 summerstreetphotography_705 summerstreetphotography_706 summerstreetphotography_707 summerstreetphotography_708 summerstreetphotography_709 summerstreetphotography_710 summerstreetphotography_711 summerstreetphotography_712 summerstreetphotography_713 summerstreetphotography_714 summerstreetphotography_715In-home family sessions are some of our most favorite ways to document a family. Shoes are kicked off, people cozy up on the sofa and act like *themselves* together. Nothing is more inspiring or lovely than this. Someday when I look back on a season of my life, I want to remember it as it actually happened; the way your 5 week old's head smells, watching your first born become a big sister, the tears - the laughter - it's such a joyous time of life that is filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. When Hannah and Milan invited us to document their newly minted family of four  we were beyond excited. We count these two as some of our dearest friends so spending this time together was such a gift to us. Thank you for allowing us into your home and hearts, Hannah and Milan. We love you four to the moon and back again!