Christine + Steve = Engaged

summerstreetphotography_607 summerstreetphotography_608 summerstreetphotography_609 summerstreetphotography_610 summerstreetphotography_611 summerstreetphotography_612 summerstreetphotography_613 summerstreetphotography_614 summerstreetphotography_615 summerstreetphotography_616 summerstreetphotography_617 summerstreetphotography_618 summerstreetphotography_619 summerstreetphotography_620 summerstreetphotography_621 summerstreetphotography_622 summerstreetphotography_623 summerstreetphotography_624 summerstreetphotography_625 summerstreetphotography_626 summerstreetphotography_627 summerstreetphotography_628 summerstreetphotography_629 summerstreetphotography_630 summerstreetphotography_631 Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of meeting Christine and Steve in Davis Square in Somerville. They are living in Somerville right now and wanted an Engagement Session where they call home before they tie the knot in upstate New York. They were both so kind, warm hearted and genuine people. I enjoyed shooting around my old neighborhood and seeing these two open up in front of the camera. Thanks for allowing me into this special time of your lives, you two! Congratulations!