Danielle + Jason = Married

We've heard that nearly 75% of all wedding photographers don't make it past three years in the business. This could be attributed to a few things - high pressured working conditions and the sheer volume of the amount of work involved probably topping the list. We're in our fifth year of shooting weddings and things are not slowing down anytime soon. I'm convinced this is because our number one criteria for taking on new clients is that these couples are genuinely in love with their future spouse and are getting married for all the right reasons. People who understand that their wedding day is just one (beautiful) day, but their marriage is the prize at the end of a great party. Danielle and Jason are such people. Chuck was fortunate enough to photograph their wedding day (isn't he just the best?) but even through all our wedding planning communications it was clear that Danielle and Jason are made for one another. Even looking at the love radiating through these photos leaves shivers down our spine. We were honored to have the chance to tell their story and wish them years of happiness together. Congratulations Danielle and Jason!