Manpreet + Michael = Married

From our very first conversation with Michael and Manpreet, we knew these were our people. Hard working, exceptionally talented, full of love for one another, optimistic for the future, and did we mention totally real? Michael and Manpreet have magnetic personalities and huge hearts. They deserve one another and their wedding day completely celebrated that. If you've been following our work for a little while, you know that we regularly shoot in New England and the Midwest, so it was extra fun for us to venture a little further south to the Big Apple to photograph Manpreet and Michael's big day. The city has such an electric vibe, and hosting the event at the Brooklyn Winery was the perfect spot to gather together for their wedding. Manpreet and her favotire people gathered together at the couple's home to prep for the day, while Michael's crew got ready in Times Square. Michael grew up in the United Kingdom, so many of his friends and family came from overseas for the wedding. Times Square was a fitting and bustling place to get ready for the wedding, and also let many of his friends experience a slice of New York in it's glittering light. The day continued with a sweet hour of portraits where Michael couldn't stop smiling at Manpreet because their wedding day had finally arrived (I'm telling you, these two are sweethearts). Their cozy, candle lit ceremony left everyone in happy tears which was a great prelude for the rest of the evening's stories and toasts from their loved ones. The night concluded with a serious dance party and we left with a huge grin wiped across our face. I'd call that a good day at work. Congratulations Manpreet and Michael. We are over the moon for you and trust you'll share many glasses of wine from the Brooklyn Winery on your anniversary each year.