Erin + Koji = Expecting

There is no greater honor than repeat clients. Since we do weddings, this can be a tough one since (hopefully) our clients are just having one wedding in their lives. That's where family portraiture comes into play. Watching a couple grow in their life together is so much fun to photograph. It seems like just yesterday that we were shooting Erin and Koji's heartfelt wedding in Quincy, when in fact it was over two years ago! Now, they are at another exciting crossroads as they prepare to welcome their first child into their lives. They are both in the medical industry, and Erin is actually a midwife, so in many ways they are no strangers to pregnancy and babies. Chatting with them during their session at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston was another reassuring vote for the fact that these two are going to make stellar parents. I mean, really, amazing parents. That is one lucky baby, and we're excited to get him or her in front of the camera very soon and share more from this beautiful family. In the meanwhile, let's all cheer these two on in their journey to parenthood!