Mandy + Zach = Married

There is just something about a backyard wedding that we really dig. The emotions seem higher when a couple says 'I do' on territory that is woven into their lives. Mandy and Zach did just this and the results were a smashing success. Mandy's childhood home sits right on the Saint Croix river, which separates Minnesota and Wisconsin, in a sleepy little town called Marine on Saint Croix. There are about 600 people in this outer-ring suburb of the Twin Cities and, Mandy, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe about half the town attended your wedding, is that right? Zach's cheerful friends and family completed a fun group of wedding guests that surrounded these two as they committed themselves to a lifetime of joy worth fighting for. It was a great party. We may also be newly committed fans of the post-ceremony wedding party 'booze cruise'. Mandy and Zach are loved by so many, and after we've gotten to know them it's no surprise why. Special thanks to our gal Abby who second shoot with us for this wedding, and Congratulations to the newlyweds!