Jacqueline + Matt = Married

Having two Associate Photographers here on Summer Street has proved to be mostly a beautiful thing. There are multiple eyes on the most important days in our clients' lives, which means that we're focused and rested when it comes time for us to work, the team mentality proves over and over again to strengthen our product and experience, an so on. The one thing that has been tough, if we are being honest, is that Matt and I get a little jealous when Chuck or Abby get to shoot a wedding and we don't. When our Associate Shooters work with our couples, Matt and I do all the pre (and post) administrational work with our couples which means we get the full vision before the wedding day. We cherish the relationships we build during this season in our couples lives and getting to hug and toast to them on their wedding day is a huge high. Jacqueline and Matt are a perfect example of this. They are well suited for one another in many ways. Matt is loyal, strong and gentle. Jacqueline is warm, bubbly and steadfast. They have an easy flow to their relationship that puts people at ease. Chuck had the privilege of shooting their Nahant, Mass wedding earlier this month and the first thing he said to us after working with them was, "these two are SO nice!" And it's true. Jacqueline and Matt, we have such big hearts for you. Congratulations on this new chapter in your lives. We know your marriage will be even more beautiful than your wedding, and that's what it's all about.