Cassandra + Dave = Engaged

Ok, we need to just take a time out for a second. If you guys are anything like us, you are swooning over all of the adorable in this blog post. First you have the beautiful setting: Plymouth, Mass illuminated by a perfectly overcast sky, then you have flawless Cassandra and Dave, all tied together neatly with Chuck's creative eye and we have ourselves a grand slam. I mean seriously. We are a little obsessed with everything about this session. In addition to*looking* good Cassie and Dave also have hearts of gold. We love the way Dave gets lost while looking at Cassie, and it's so sweet to see how Cassie giggles in his presence. Chuck will be shooting their wedding later this year at the Ocean Edge Resort, and if these photos are any indication of how things will go then, we can't wait to share more stunning images after their wedding!