We don't often share personal photos here, but we've been meaning to get around to editing the 3,000 photos we took on our honeymoon last summer to France and Italy. With this being a slower season, we have a bit more time to share fun little things like this! (And who doesn't love taking a five minute vacay to Paris?!) We'll be showing you more in the coming months, region by region. Paris is up first. Oh how we love Paris. Actually, love is an understatement. It's everything wonderful: food, history, art, food, architecture, shopping, food, city walks, food.....Did I mention food? :) Ironically we didn't take that many photos of the food we ate.....a task we plan on remedying on our next trip. We did manage to take photos of most other things. There really aren't words to capture our true feelings on Paris. We'll keep it short and simply say, if you've never been you have to go.  It's pretty much our heaven on earth.