The C Family

The C Family are near and dear to our hearts. Their beautiful daughters, Morgan and Lauren grew up dancing with me, so it's safe to say that they are pretty much like extended family. There are many great things about growing up in a small community....for example you will probably know everyone when you go to the grocery store.....or when there is a high school (mind you, there is only one high school) football game, everyone goes. Anyone in my town would tell you that the C family are some of the sweetest people. They would give you the shirt off your back or whip you up an amazing bridal shower (I'm speaking from experience here....). When they asked us to take some family portraits of them our response was an astounding yes. Lauren, their youngest, has experience in front of our cameras as we took her senior photos a few years ago, so we knew they'd be naturals. One big event that happened in Yankton, SD recently was the conversion of an old draw bridge that used to house a major highway into a walking bridge. It's become quite an attraction and we thought it would be fun to take some photos on it. We think they turned out great, and enjoyed 'shooting' them at a nearby park as well. Thanks for being such great models, and constantly supporting our work on Summer Street, C Family!