The J Family

Since we are  in our 'Off Season' right now, it gives us more time to do smaller photoshoots like family sessions, babies and those brave engagement couples who see winter as a time to cozy up with their sweethearts. Lucky for us, this winter has been unseasonably warm and snowless, so we've been able to shoot outside for most of our sessions. We met up with the J family when we were in the Midwest over the holidays. Mrs. J happens to be my old Dance Team Advisor, so we go way back. In fact, she was pregnant with her oldest when I was in high school. She has always been a joy to be around, so we had high hopes for their session. Her boys were SO patient and photogenic....(yes, even Mr. J!). We like to keep family sessions informal and fun so we started at the playground and played chase with the little guys to get them used to being in front of the camera. As it turned out, they didn't need anytime at all to warm up since they would both casually flash a smile and hold a pose for us every minute or so. It was like working with child models! We had a great time capturing their family and only hope the boys don't double in age the next time we see them!