Alyssa + Mark = Married

After their guests had been seated from cocktail hour, Alyssa and Mark welcomed the group with a few words. I think Mark said it all when he said, "I've been wearing this ring in my heart for a long time, and today I get to show the world how I've felt for years."

Alyssa and Mark were married at the Cambridge City Hall on a Friday morning. Just the two of them, in a beautiful dark courtroom, with the lights off but the sun quietly pouring through the windows. It was exactly what they wanted.  Matt and I were there to capture the event on camera, and despite the fact that we were the only ones in attendance except the Justice of the Peace, the room was filled with love. We cheered when they were pronounced husband and wife,  Alyssa and Mark both beaming.

We parted ways with them after their intimate ceremony, and joined them again the following night for a close knit group of family and friends to celebrate their union at the Barn at Gibbet Hill. The evening was so cozy, and felt much more like a large dinner party than a wild reception. Alyssa and Mark have two beautiful children, so we of course were following them around like the paparazzi. They also had a few friends who gave congratulatory toasts. Each speech that was given brought the room to tears, and then to laughter, and then to tears again. What an amazing group of friends and family they have! Alyssa and Mark, we are so happy for you! Congratulations!