Laura + Peter = Engaged

We thought we may as well break in the new blog and introduce you to one of our 2012 couples - Laura and Peter! We'll be posting one more time after this today with yet another fun shoot, so check back later! Laura and Peter win the most trusting of your wedding photographers title. Since they live and will be getting married in Connecticut their engagement session was slated to be in Boston, but they didn't have many leads of exactly where to do their session. Typically we suggest couples pick a location that is meaningful to them, and sometimes, if they don't have a location that jumps to mind, we'll refer to our 'top secret locations list' - which isn't really that top secret - but essentially are spots that we have not done shoots in but are hoping to cross off our list in the coming year. You can see where this is going. When they approached us about where to shoot, we suggested the Forrest Hills Cemetery.  A cemetery isn't exactly what most people have in mind when it comes to a romantic place to have a photo shoot (unless you are into twilight) but we had been there for a Japanese lantern festival a few years back and were delighted how it was more like a park than a cemetery. There is a little pond, rolling hills (with forests! imagine that!) and dozens of amazing burial sculptures. It's a peaceful and beautiful place. Naturally, it was on our list. You'll see that Laura and Peter quickly warmed up to the location. They are cute. Really cute. They were even willing to climb a giant tree for that last shot, so we can't wait to photograph their wedding at St. Clement's Castle next September.