Ly + Kieran = Married

It seems like we do so much gushing over here that by now you either think we are super excited all the time or that we're making up how great our client are. Fortunately for us (and you) neither are true. The truth is, we feel absolutely blown away by how much we love our job and our clients. Take Ly and Kieran's wedding. We had so much fun at their wedding that we decided that if we had to re-do our own wedding, we'd probably try to emulate the spirit of their wedding day. Ly and Kieran live in Ireland (she's American and he's Irish) and threw a spectacular celebration in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire with their closest family and friends - complete with 50% Irish Accented Guests. They rented a large vacation home on Lake Winnipesaukee and started their day off with a heartfelt Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. During the Tea Ceremony, the Groom and his family and friends enter the Bride's house with gifts and offerings. It was so sweet to watch Ly and her sister giggle with excitement as Kieran's family drew closer to the home. The couple serves Tea to their parents and grandparents and the bride's family presents their daughter to the groom. Ly admitted to not fully knowing what was going to happen during the Tea Ceremony, as did Kieran, making the service full of laughter and anticipation.

After the Tea Ceremony the wedding guests were invited to relax around the property until the Western Ceremony. We took full advantage of the time getting every little detail and taking a million photos of Ly's gorgeous dress and ensemble. The mood around the property was so laid back, people mingling, talking, listening to music and dipping their toes off the edge of the dock into the lake.  Their Western Ceremony was filled with more laughter and love, followed by some sunset portraits in a nearby field and a rocking tented reception with some of our favorite dancing photos of the season. Ly and Kieran, it has truly been a pleasure working with the two of you. We hope you're enjoying your African Honeymoon Adventure and hope we can cross paths across the pond!