Glass Confetti

If you follow our facebook page you may have noticed that we've been hanging out over on our girl Amy's lifestyle blog, Glass Confetti. If you are looking for a way to procrastinate would like some more reading material dive over to Amy's adorable blog and check out a few posts we've done, not to mention read up on her adorable tutorials and sweet little boys. The first post was part of her South Dakota Series (Kendra's Homeland) and was a Q&A about our buisness.

*image screen shot-ed (yes we did just make that up)  from Amy's blog*

Then there is a fun little photography tutorial about how to get the most out of your point and shoot...great for people that do not consider themselves "photographers"

photo by Summer Street Photography - taken with a point and shoot circa 2006

The next post is a fun home design post - complete with before and afters of our place. Here's a little taste:

And finally a post about baking your own macarons. Don't tell anyone, but we had to make three (!) rounds of these babies to make them actually turn out right. It's been so dang humid around Summer Street that they it's seriously messing with Matt's our rigid baking schedule.

Fun Stuff, yes? Scoot on over to Glass Confetti and check it out!