From "Will You?" to "I Do," Bellies to Babies and Beyond - We photograph the people you love the most.  

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Weddings are so much more than a party. Weddings symbolize two individuals and their respective lives and families coming together to celebrate a new family unit in the name of love. Weddings are a leap of faith and a surrender to life as an individual for a great adventure together.

Our couples choose to infuse their Wedding days with the people, places and things that matter most to them. We've had the honor of photographing more than 250 Weddings of every size and shape, and each and every one is as different as the couple who makes them. This is why we can't get enough.

When it comes to Wedding Photography, our philosophy is to photograph events with the same care and attention that goes into the planning process. We wish to capture not only the people who made this day special but also the range of emotions that go into this major milestone in a person's life.

All of our Wedding Collections include high-resolution images and are tailored to suit your needs. Customizations include additional hours of coverage, multiple photographers, a Photobooth,  Engagement Sessions, Albums, Prints,  and other goodies.

Contact us to tell us about your wedding and we’ll discuss Package and Pricing details and if you think we might be a good match we can meet in person or chat on Skype for a non-committal consultation.




We take a limited commission of Engagement Sessions for non-wedding clients, but we do enjoy working with Engagement-only couples. We understand that you may be traveling far away for your wedding and want a session in the city you met and fell in love. We get it and can’t wait to hear your story.


If ‘coming of age’ parties existed in America, the Senior Portrait would be the invitation. The world is your oyster and there is no better time to document some beautiful portraits that celebrate your unique interests and personality. We got our start photographing Seniors so it’s always a treat for us to shoot these sessions.


We both have backgrounds in the Performing Arts so having a solid head shot is important in our digital age. We can shoot in our studio or on location depending on your vision.


 We love collaborating with like-minded business who are looking for imagery to support your vision. Weddings, fashion, food, sustainable agriculture, education and the performing arts are all passions of ours. We also offer a sliding scale pricing structure for 501c3 Non Profit Organizations.

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There is nothing quite like the anticipation of a new baby in your life. From that sweet bump to the new bundle of love, documenting a new arrival in your life tops the cake in life milestones. Like much of our work, we approach these sessions from an organic perspective, so we show up to a newborn session with just the camera in our hands, often in the comfort of your own home.

We will take a few portraits of the baby by themselves in a natural, un-fussy way but most of our time together focuses on the family as a whole, siblings and pets included.

We also offer Maternity, Newborn, 6 month and One Year collections documented as session files and a beautiful heirloom book as a keepsake.


Life hurries all around us, so let us photograph your sweet family just as they are right now. Maybe braces are still on or you have 10 pounds to loose. It shouldn't be perfect. These are the days that call to be remembered. The ordinary lovely Tuesdays are what you’ll long for when they are grown. We approach Family Sessions from a photojournalist approach. You won’t find matching white button downs with khaki pants around these parts. We want to live a day with your crew just as you are, and celebrate the beauty called family.